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Who are we?

Who are we?

The company Prestige d.o.o. from Pula was founded in 1990. Since its beginnings, its line of business has been the retail and wholesale of perfumery and drugstore products and supplying renowned Croatian cosmetics producers with processed materials, machines and essential oils.

In 2003, we patented our ecological freshener “Shake”, a perfume for cars and other closed spaces, which is the fruit of deliberation, experimenting and extensive testing, a product made from essential oils.

In 2009, we patented the perfume granules for vacuum cleaners, and in 2010, we started the production of perfume granules for closets.

We continuously develop and test new products, and therefore the market can soon expect more innovative products.

The share capital

Fully paid -300,000.00 kunas.

Shake the World thinking about ecology...