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“Shake” for vacuum cleaners

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    Velvet – a light and sophisticated scent for people sensitive to strong perfumes. Package contents: 4 sachets with granules    

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  • Vanilla Cr Logo

    Vanilla & Black Currant

    Vanilla & Black Currant – if you like vanilla, this will be one of your favorites. This is a special vanilla, enriched by a note of the black currant. Package contents: 4 sachets with granules    

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  • Lavanda Logo Usisavac


    Lavender – a light, subtle scent making your home smell clean and fresh. Lavender (lavandula x intermedia) essential oil is used in the production of “Shake” perfume granules, which also has the EKO certificate. Package contents: 4 sachets with granules  

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  • Zelena Rapsodija Cr Logo

    Green Rhapsody

    Green Rhapsody – a light and refreshing scent which will freshen up your home in an instant. Package contents: 4 sachets with granules  

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About “Shake” vacuum cleaner granules…

  • Since the ancient times of the Roman Empire and Queen Cleopatra, it has been known that essential oils are biocidal and fungicidal. Today, essential oils are making a great comeback in our daily lives. The finest perfumes and natural cleaning and disinfecting agents today are made from essential oils.
  • “Shake” product line for vacuum cleaners combines pleasant scents with essential oils’ biocidal and fungicidal effect, and has been especially designed in line with the modern needs for deodorizing living areas, which are deodorized during vacuuming.
  • “Shake” perfume granules for vacuum cleaners contain 100% natural granules enriched with fragrant compositions based on essential oils.
  • It is easy to use the perfume granules. For maximum efficiency and best results, we recommend that you insert a new bag into the vacuum cleaner, and pour the contents of the sachet, i.e. granules, onto the floor, and vacuum them. Continue vacuuming as usual, and the flow of air through the vacuum cleaner will take care of the rest. While vacuuming, the granules neutralize bacteria, preserve remnants of food and prevent their decay, neutralize the unpleasant smell of dog hair and eliminate the smell resulting from the operation of the vacuum cleaner. Of course, the room will emanate cleanliness and a beautiful fragrance afterwards.
  • “Shake” for vacuum cleaners is a Croatian products which has won many awards at international innovation fairs and is patented.

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