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    Shake za automobile

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  • Lavanda Mali Logo


    Lavender – a light, subtle scent making your car smell clean and fresh.

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  • Gentleman Mali Logo


    Gentleman – if you want to please your man and enjoy yourselves together, this is the right choice.

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  • Lahor Mala Logo


    Breeze – a scent light and fresh like spring breeze.

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  • Lotus Mali Logo


    Lotus – a more intense floral scent which women will adore.

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  • Jabuka Mali Logo

    Green Apple

    Green Apple – a real scent of green apple. Made for people who like stronger aromas. Refreshing, rich and intense.

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  • Exotic Mali Logo


    Exotic – let your car emanate this gentle and extraordinary exotic scent.

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  • Vanilija Mali Logo


    Vanilla – do you always choose vanilla? This is a new vanilla, sophisticated, subtle and special.

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  • Anti Tabac Mali Logo


    Anti-tobacco – a refreshing scent which masks the smell of tobacco. Hints of sandalwood and cedar.

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  • Naranca Mala Logo


    Orange – stimulates good mood. Everyone loves this aroma, and it is the children’s favorite.

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