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“Shake” for cars

Svi Mirisi Chose Your Fragrance Green

Choose your scent…

Find one or more favorites among as many as 20 different scents. Each one is unique and specific in its own way.

And has won many awards.


  • Lavanda Mali Logo


    Lavender – a light, subtle scent making your car smell clean and fresh.

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  • Carolija Mali Logo


    Magic – an irresistible blend of orange, eucalyptus and Siberian fir, amazing in cold weather.  

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  • Cocos Mali Logo


    Coconut – sweet scent, with a touch of the exotic.

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  • Sensual Mali Logo


    Sensual – sophisticated sensual scent for modern women and also liked by men.

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  • Menta Cimet Mali Logo

    Mint & Cinnamon

    Mint & Cinnamon – a scent for those who love winter. Refreshing mint meets warm cinnamon. Mint helps unblock airways …

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  • Marin Mali Logo


    Marin – we recommend it for people exceptionally sensitive to other scents. Light, gentle and pleasant.

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  • Crvena Jabuka Cimet Mali Logo

    Apple & Cinnamon

    Apple & Cinnamon – delicious, sweet scent of red apples and cinnamon, reminiscent of grandma’s cakes.

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  • Anti Tabac Mali Logo


    Anti-tobacco – a refreshing scent which masks the smell of tobacco. Hints of sandalwood and cedar.

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  • Naranca Mala Logo


    Orange – stimulates good mood. Everyone loves this aroma, and it is the children’s favorite.

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  • Zen Mali Logo


    Zen – a relaxing scent which creates a pleasant atmosphere and is just what you need after a hectic day. …

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  • Limeta Mala Logo


    Lime – do you like citrus scents? This is another choice for your car. It improves your mood and is refreshing.

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  • Bijeli Mosus Mali Logo

    White musk

    White musk – if you like the smell of musk, this is the right choice for your car. A long-lasting scent …

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  • Bubble Gum Mali Logo

    Bubble Gum

    Bubble Gum – an irresistible aroma of real bubble gums as were once made.

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  • Vanilija Cr Mali Logo Mali

    Vanilla & Black Currant

    Vanilla & Black Currant – if you like vanilla, this will be one of your favorites. This is a special …

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  • Cannabis Flower Web

    Cannabis Flower

    Cannabis Flower

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  • Gentleman Mali Logo


    Gentleman – if you want to please your man and enjoy yourselves together, this is the right choice.

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  • Lahor Mala Logo


    Breeze – a scent light and fresh like spring breeze.

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  • Lotus Mali Logo


    Lotus – a more intense floral scent which women will adore.

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  • Jabuka Mali Logo

    Green Apple

    Green Apple – a real scent of green apple. Made for people who like stronger aromas. Refreshing, rich and intense.

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  • Exotic Mali Logo


    Exotic – let your car emanate this gentle and extraordinary exotic scent.

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  • Vanilija Mali Logo


    Vanilla – do you always choose vanilla? This is a new vanilla, sophisticated, subtle and special.

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In antiquity, in Caesar’s era, essential lavender oil was used in Pula’s amphitheater to perfume the fighting area and the entire Arena during gladiator fights. The essential oil was placed in stone containers at the top of the amphitheater. You can feel the scent of Istrian lavender essential oil even today, in “Shake” car perfumes, as well as other perfumes which we placed in small wooden containers. All it takes is to hang those containers on the rearview mirror and enjoy the scent.

“Shake” comes in 20 scents among which everyone can find their favorite. It was originally made for cars (rearview mirrors), but soon found its place in ship cabins and homes. People sensitive to industrial perfumes can also enjoy it. It is highly suitable for pets in cars.

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