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“Shake” products are the result of innovative and ecological thinking and the exclusive use of high-quality ingredients, which has been recognized at numerous innovation fairs in Croatia and around the world, and acknowledged by multiple awards. “Shake” is the winner of UNESCO’s Grand Prix for Environmental Preservation, the holder of the Croatian Creation label and the winner of the gold medal at world’s most prestigious Innovation Fair in Geneva.


In addition to its high efficiency, the wooden perfume containers aim to delight all the senses, not just the sense of smell, through its material, shape, details and overall appearance. It is very pleasing to the touch – the wood is a warm, pleasant material, and its carrying case is round and easy to grasp and hold in your hand. The simple elegance of the wooden packaging gives the product a high aesthetic quality matching that of a real perfume, so it also serves a decorative purpose in your car. Each scent can be identified by the color of the string.


“SHAKE” is a completely innovative product in the domain of car perfumes. It has been patented under the number P20030932A. It resulted from the need to open a new dimension of air fresheners for closed spaces.
Its packaging is an integral part of its completely innovative and unique functioning. Namely, the packaging is designed in such a way that literally each of its parts contributes to the functioning of the product.
The scent is dispersed by the gentle swinging of the bottle. The short string is used to hang the product on the spot of your choice in the car (usually the rearview mirror) to allow it to swing gently. The swinging motion releases the perfume from the glass bottle, which is absorbed by the wooden case which then disperses it into the environment, softly and continuously, providing a pleasant, discreet and long-lasting scent for your car.


The product’s name, “SHAKE”, has been chosen for several reasons:

  • its meaning is reminiscent of the way the product works, and thus merges the name with the packaging and the product itself,
  • also, it is a short, resonant, easy-to-pronounce and internationally well-known word, which is easy to remember,
  • it also carries other meanings related to music and sensuality, which are attractive and deeply ingrained in the collective consciousness of the Western world, in the context of this product, “Shake” also means “Shake the nature”.


“Shake” scents, based on essential oils, are suitable for people sensitive to industrial scents and perfumes, as well as for children and pets. All materials used in the production process are fully recyclable.

At the 53rd World Exhibition of Inventions, New Products and Technologies Eureka 2004 in Brussels, the product won the GRAND PRIX for the improvement of the quality of life and ecological thinking.

Because they believe in our products

For the implementation of the new project, nonrefundable funds were realized from the State Budget of the Republic of Croatia, which was assigned by HAMAG-BICRO.

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