USE: Hold the bottle, inserting your fingers through the opening in the wooden container. Unscrew the upper part and remove the plastic cap. Put back the wooden lid in its place and fasten. Hang “Shake” in the location of your choice in your car. We recommend that you hang it on the rearview mirror so that it can swing. Place it upside down for two seconds. “SHAKE” allows customized use and you can play with it according to your wishes.

The position of the wooden ring on the string allows you to regulate the intensity of the scent – the lower position of the ring reduces the swinging of the bottle, decreasing the amount of evaporated perfume. The intensity of evaporation can also be regulated by tying the bottle to hang higher or lower. Also, the scent can be intensified as desired by turning the bottle upside down for a few seconds, but not more often than once a week.

WARNING: Always keep the bottle upright to prevent spillage. Make sure that the wooden cap is always tightly closed. In case of spillage, wipe the product off the surface immediately. Spillage can damage surfaces inside the car.

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USE: Remove perfume sachets from the protective sheet and place them in a drawer, clothes chest or closet. If you wish to hang the sachets in a closet, use the hooks provided with the product as shown in the picture. For small spaces, use one sachet, and for medium-sized and large spaces, use at least two sachets.

WARNING: Do not use sachets in the washing machine or dryer. Avoid direct contact between perfume sachets and varnished surfaces, clothes and underwear.

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USE: It is easy to use the perfume granules. For maximum efficiency and best results, we recommend that you insert a new bag into the vacuum cleaner, and pour the contents of the sachet, i.e. granules, onto the floor, and vacuum them. Continue vacuuming as usual, and the flow of air through the vacuum cleaner will take care of the rest. While vacuuming, the granules neutralize bacteria, preserve remnants of food and prevent their decay, neutralize the unpleasant smell of dog hair and eliminate the smell resulting from the operation of the vacuum cleaner. Of course, the room will emanate cleanliness and a beautiful fragrance afterwards.

WARNING: Not suitable for water filtration vacuum cleaners.

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